EVYD Technology opens new office in Singapore to accelerate development of innovative data-driven technologies for healthcare

  • Southeast Asia-based health technology company’s office serves as multi-disciplinary R&D hub to collaborate with research institutions in Singapore 
  • Innovations developed will strengthen EVYD Technology’s existing capabilities to convert healthcare data into actionable insights to drive better outcomes for healthcare stakeholders 
  • Planning to hire another 200 over the next 12 months as EVYD Technology expands beyond Southeast Asia to North America, Australia and New Zealand. 
  • Company organized the Special Ministerial Conference for Digital Public Health ASEAN 2021, plans to host second conference this October

SINGAPORE, May 17, 2022 – EVYD Technology is pleased to officially open recently its office in Singapore. The four-floor 5,000 sq ft office, located in the Central Business District at 55 Tras Street, will be home to the Southeast Asia-based health technology company’s 50-strong team in the country. 

EVYD Technology leverages big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive better outcomes for healthcare stakeholders. It offers three main suites of solutions: 

  • The flagship EVYDENCE data operating platform supports policymakers, health authorities, healthcare providers, payers and researchers to enhance the governance and usability of their data by enabling real-time data monitoring and traceability, flexible data access configuration, precise structured search, secure sandbox operations and third-party interoperability.
  • The EVYDSurveillance public health surveillance platform is able to track and monitor the emergence and spread of over 30 infectious diseases in real-time. 
  • The EVYDHealth population health platform uses data to allow for the early detection of individuals at risk of chronic and critical diseases. 

EVYD Technology was founded in April 2020 with a team of five and has grown to over 200 employees in two years across Singapore, Brunei, Beijing and Shanghai. The company aims to hire an additional 200 employees over the next 12 months as it accelerates research and development (R&D) and expands beyond Southeast Asia to North America, Australia and New Zealand.  

Its Singapore office will also serve as a multi-disciplinary R&D hub. It aims to leverage its domain expertise in medicine, behavioural and implementation science, data science and design thinking to co-create, iterate and implement digital solutions for the population. This is part of EVYD Technology’s continued commitment to congregating the best talents locally and overseas, marrying innovation and learned experiences to build a compelling solution that will benefit the population. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe disruptions to many. Through big data processing and analysis, model building and data security technology and management, we worked closely with both Singapore and Brunei to combat the pandemic, and demonstrated the value of our technology and capabilities. Because of this recognition of the value we provide, we have managed to scale our operations significantly over the last two years,” said Mr Chua Ming Jie, Chief Executive Officer of EVYD Technology. 

“Our new office and multi-disciplinary R&D hub in Singapore will be able to tap on the country’s many strengths. These include the ready availability of multi-disciplinary talents, established data privacy laws, the multitude of prestigious research institutions, and Singapore’s track record of being a leader in healthcare transformation – the latest of which is the Healthier SG initiative and the move towards getting every resident to have a regular physician as part of a holistic push for healthier lifestyles and preventive care. All of these are part of the fertile environment that allows healthcare innovation to flourish.” 

Annual Special Ministerial Conference for ASEAN Digital Public Health 

As part of its commitment to optimizing the healthcare ecosystem, EVYD Technology joined hands with the Ministry of Finance and Economy, Ministry of Health and Brunei Investment Agency in Brunei, and Temasek Foundation in Singapore to organise the hybrid two-day Special Ministerial Conference for ASEAN Digital Public Health in October 2021, with over 50 speakers from around the world. In October this year, the company will organize the second edition of this conference, continuing its commitment to promoting digital public health for safer, better and more accessible healthcare systems in the world.  

More information about the work that EVYD Technology has done to improve the healthcare sectors in Singapore, Brunei and other countries is available in the Annex. 

 EVYD Technology provides a range of professional services for companies ranging from healthcare start-ups to national and global corporate organisations who need external support on technological infrastructure development and consulting solutions.  


Helping Singapore and Brunei manage the COVID-19 pandemic 

EVYD Technology operates in both Singapore and Brunei and has a presence in the United States. 

In Brunei, the company jointly developed BruHealth – the equivalent of Singapore’s TraceTogether, SafeEntry, Healthy 365, HealthHub, LumiHealth and Health Buddy in one app – with the Ministry of Health, Brunei. It is a novel method of enabling two-way communications between patients and healthcare professionals. The app played a pivotal role in managing the country’s COVID-19 pandemic, integrating contract tracing technologies to denote users’ infection risk status and helping to curb the spread of the virus. It empowered patients to report their COVID-19 test results and monitor their own health. It also enabled users from the ministry to track daily dashboards of total COVID-19 case numbers and isolated patients, and to monitor compliance with quarantines through video calls. 

EVYD Technology is also working with the ministry and Universiti Brunei Darussalam in Brunei and Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore on a research study involving the cPass Neutralization Antibody Detection Kit. The study measures the real-world evidence of different COVID-19 vaccines in generating neutralizing antibodies against the virus. The first phase, involving testing the blood of 2,700 COVID-free participants for levels of neutralizing antibodies after being fully vaccinated, has been completed. The Ministry of Health, Brunei will be able to use the results of the study to assess the immunogenicity of the different vaccines used in the country, as well as to inform policy decision-making for any booster program and risk stratified COVID-19 management. The second phase will be a longitudinal study where participants from the first phase study will be followed up with at different timelines within 12 months of vaccination, regardless of their history of COVID-19 infection after vaccination. 

Moving beyond COVID-19 to personalized health management in Brunei 

As COVID moves into an endemic stage in Brunei, EVYD Technology is partnering the Ministry of Health to evolve BruHealth from a pandemic management tool into a holistic, personalized health management and wellness platform for every Bruneian. It can be used to manage both infectious (such as HIV and tuberculosis) and non-communicable diseases (such as diabetes).  It will enable every Bruneian to keep track of his/her medical appointments, view personal health records including laboratory, X-ray and radiology results, and schedule video consultations with doctors, dietitians or for other clinical services. 

The company is also working with the ministry on a clinical trial involving 180 patients, to assess the clinical effectiveness of a non-medical diabetes health management platform that includes different interventions, such as lifestyle management and offline health coach support, for a course of 16 weeks. 

Enhancing cancer research and federated learning in Singapore 

EVYD Technology is developing a cancer-specific ontological registry with the National Cancer Centre Singapore that will enable researchers to conduct clinical research more efficiently. The platform serves as a central data repository to host large amounts of de-identified research data, with added data quality control functionalities such as downstream analyses capacity and data visualization versatility at both the cohort and individual levels. 

EVYD Technology is also in discussions with a leading research institution in Singapore to set up a joint laboratory for federated learning. 

Partnering multinational health product company on diabetes management and digital health for its customers.

EVYD Technology has developed a diabetes management digital therapeutics solution for a large multinational health product company, and it is currently undergoing regulatory approval. EVYD Technology is also helping the company with its digital transformation, enabling it to provide its large customer base with additional health services beyond its core health product business. 


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