The healthcare industry generates 30 percent of the world’s data.

From clinical records, medical images, and genetic information to health behavior data and wearable device readings, much of this data remains locked in siloed systems. Unstructured, inaccessible, and untapped.

This is where EVYDENCE steps in

Our flagship data operating platform, EVYDENCE, is a state-of-the-art data operating platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and big data to transform disparate healthcare data into actionable medical intelligence for insights-driven decision making. Our in-house medical experts and data professionals have crafted EVYDENCE to:

Connect seamlessly with any healthcare data source.

Cleanse and structure information with high accuracy.

Provide a secure and scalable foundation for developing innovative solutions, from personalized care plans to predictive analytics.

Build and integrate AI applications with confidence and efficiency.

Our Data Activation Pipeline

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Key Features

Easy and Efficient Data Integration & Interoperability

  • Efficiently integrate with heterogeneous data sources through various methods such as databases (SQL & NoSQL), APIs (RESTful, SOAP), and files (CSV, JSON, XML, Excel).
  • Support standard health data interoperability protocols (HL7, FHIR, CCDA) for quick integration with third-party systems.
  • Support batch, incremental, and real-time data integration and processing, analysis.

Medical AI-powered Data Governance

  • Integrated analytics derived from medical academia and practice enables cleansing, mapping, and standardization, transforming heterogeneous data into unified, high-quality data.
  • Data model can be easily extended and automatically converted to or from other common data models.

Advanced Data Insights Tailored for Healthcare

  • Easily analyze medical data and customize reports through drag-and-drop.
  • Utilize predefined analysis templates to support an end-to-end range of healthcare and research missions.
  • Secure integration with popular third-party statistical analysis tools (for example SPSS, R, Jupyter) to fully unleash the potential of researchers.

Powerful Patient Search and Patient 360 View

  • Quickly and comprehensively access patient history through the aggregation of cleansed data from different sources. 
  • Benefit from sophisticated indexing to perform advanced analysis on mass data sets within seconds. 

Self-Service Data Engineering

  • Dynamic design ensures that the platform is agile and adaptable to fit your current and future needs.

Comprehensive Security Protection

  • A robust security mechanism is in place to cover the entire lifecycle of the data. 
  • Core aspects include data management, encrypted transmission and storage, MFA authentication, RBAC access control, and comprehensive operation logs and auditing.

Cloud-Agnostic Architecture

  • Supports flexibility and data sovereignty control with cloud native core architecture, deployable on public, private or on-premise clouds. 

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