Imagine a future where everyone can access better health

That is our mission and drives what we do at EVYD.

We optimize health outcomes at scale, through data intelligence.

Our proprietary, proven AI-powered platform enables the effective interpretation and analysis of massive and diverse data sets, delivering sharper insights for more optimum healthcare outcomes.

Health authorities, policymakers, regulators, hospital administrators, doctors, researchers and patients can benefit from our innovative solutions in the following ways:

Health Authorities

  • Enhance data usage across the healthcare ecosystem through robust data processing and governance
  • Leverage analytics and predictive data science models in disease burden and healthcare operations for data-driven policymaking
  • Gain oversight of health system quality measures, and capacity and utilization trends

Public Health Agencies

  • Enable real-time surveillance of chronic diseases and infectious diseases for rapid prevention and response
  • Launch health promotion and disease management programs readily with a lower total cost of ownership using our turnkey solutions
  • Optimize the performance of existing health promotion and disease management programs with our validated solutions to drive improved population health outcomes

Providers and Health Systems

  • Enhance data usage through robust data processing and governance
  • Leverage analytics and predictive data science models in operations and cost optimization
  • Improve patient health outcomes through holistic care design and delivery
  • Improve patient experience and satisfaction through personalized care journey


  • Enhance the quality and efficiency of research through better data collection, management, analysis, and modeling
  • Leverage large-scale real-world data for research
  • Train AI models by leveraging upon multi-institutional datasets using common data models, while preserving data privacy.
  • Translate research to commercial intellectual property to deliver real-world impact at scale


  • Improve health literacy through our proprietary health index and curated health content
  • Improve health through personalized health and wellness plans
  • Enjoy the convenience of an AI-powered personal health concierge
  • Access your personal health records conveniently in one place

We aim to be the best at integrating technology and medical intelligence to improve health.

Our global, multidisciplinary team brings together a wide range of expertise, covering public health, clinical workflows across different care settings, acute and chronic disease management, behavioral science, health economics, data science and engineering, user experience design, and software engineering.

By collaborating closely with renowned researchers and experts, we co-develop, validate and iterate innovative solutions that have a tangible, real-world impact on a large scale.

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