Imagine a future where healthcare is safer, better and more accessible for all.

That is our mission and drives what we do at EVYD.

We optimize health outcomes at scale, through data intelligence.

Our proprietary, proven AI-powered platform enables the effective interpretation and analysis of massive and diverse data sets, delivering sharper insights for more optimum healthcare outcomes.

Health authorities, policymakers, regulators, hospital administrators, doctors, researchers and patients can benefit from our innovative solutions in the following ways:

Health Authorities

  • Robust healthcare data governance
  • Public health surveillance and operations
  • Pandemic response
  • Population health management
  • Policy evaluation and optimization

Healthcare Providers

  • Robust healthcare data governance
  • Care coordination
  • Patient engagement
  • Patient outcome improvement
  • Performance evaluation and optimization

Medical Researchers

  • Leverage large-scale real-world data for research
  • Integrated platform for data management and study management
  • Statistical analysis and data modeling
  • Multi-center research collaboration
  • Federated learning


  • Personalized health plans and education
  • Digital therapeutics
  • Personal health record across the continuum of care
  • Personal health score
  • Health code and vaccination passport

Our Partners

We are proud to work with the following organisations to advance healthcare. 

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