Advancing healthcare research

EVYDResearch disease registry covers over 40 disease areas and allows medical researchers to accumulate, manage and analyze large-scale real-world patient health data that has been checked for quality and validated for credibility. Researchers can integrate data from multiple information systems to establish a patient’s full life-cycle model.

Using our platform, researchers can initiate and manage studies efficiently, conduct integrated patient follow-up and collaborate more efficiently to produce meaningful high-impact research which draws insights from large combined standardized datasets in a secure way.


  • Support API- and file-level data ingestion.
  • Centralized and project-level research data management with role-based access segregation and data versioning function.
  • Disease data standards covering more than 40 disease areas.
  • Data quality validation based on in-built and user defined rules.
  • In-built statistical analysis tools.
  • Integrated patient follow-up and management mobile app.
  • Onboard collaborators to manage project on a single platform.

Our Solutions