EVYDENCE Operating Platform

Unlocking the potential of healthcare data

We help policymakers, health authorities, healthcare providers, and researchers to aggregate and convert varied raw data from multiples sources into high-quality, structured and standardized data so that they can be further analyzed and leveraged upon to drive different applications. We do this by applying thousands of data processing and quality control rules that we continue to accumulate, in combination with natural language processing and other machine learning techniques.

Our flagship EVYDENCE operating platform supports our customers to enhance the governance and usability of their data by enabling real-time data connection and operation monitoring, flexible data access configuration, precise structured search, secure sandboxing and third-party connectivity.


  • Combines more than 1,000 data cleansing rules, 10,000 data standardization rules, 3,000 data control rules and machine learning-based models.
  • Fully transparent and traceable data processing and quality control operations.
  • Fast and precise structured search across all datasets.
  • Robust sandbox functionalities to enable flexible and secure data usage and third-party integration.

Our Solutions