Our Solutions

The global healthcare industry is experiencing rapid change, with accelerating innovation in various spheres thanks to technological advances and the catalytic effects of COVID-19.

Governments and healthcare organizations are increasingly appreciating the value of having data-driven healthcare systems that can provide the necessary insights to empower more optimum outcomes at scale.

Our innovative solutions benefit health authorities, policymakers, researchers and healthcare providers in the following ways:

Unlocking the Potential of Healthcare Data

EVYDENCE Operating Platform

We help policymakers, health authorities, healthcare providers, and researchers to aggregate and convert varied raw data from multiples sources into high-quality, structured and standardized data so that they can be further analyzed and leveraged upon to drive different applications.

Keeping Population Safe

Public Health

We equip health authorities and policymakers with the information and tools to take targeted measures to prevent or contain diseases before they become public health issues.

Driving Better Health Outcomes

Health Management

We equip healthcare authorities and healthcare providers with actionable insights to enable the coordination and management of personalized healthcare. Our solutions empower individuals to take responsibility of their health by giving them the right tools and information.

Optimizing the Value of Healthcare

Policy & Planning

We equip healthcare authorities, policymakers and healthcare providers with actionable insights to drive higher value from healthcare spending.

Our Solutions in Action

Introducing: BruHealth

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the Brunei government needed a platform to engage with its population for all matters related to COVID-19 in the country.

The EVYD Technology team partnered with the Brunei government to launch the BruHealth app in May 2020. The app initially provided pandemic updates and FAQs to the locations of medical resources.

Today, it is an all-in-one healthcare management app, with the launch of additional features such as online appointment, online consultation, personal health record and personal health plans, as well as the EVYDENCE operating platform which enables the Brunei Ministry of Health to leverage its health data securely, efficiently and effectively to drive meaningful insights and support decision-making.

BruHealth Platform