We Empower Every Healthcare Organization And Individual For Better Healthcare Outcomes Through Data Intelligence.
We Build Software Platforms And Systems To Transform Healthcare Delivery.

Our Story

EVYD Technology is a healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with the mission to transform healthcare using data intelligence. It offers solutions to healthcare participants to enhance public health surveillance, generate insights for decision-making, and implement programmes to improve healthcare outcomes. It actively engages in scientific research to generate insights and evidence to power its solutions.

The company’s flagship EVYDENCE operating platform aggregates raw data that reside in disparate information systems and convert them into computable, structured and standardised data so that they could be further processed to derive deep insights and knowledge using natural language processing, machine learning and other AI technologies.  The global campus of EVYD Technology is located in Jerudong, Brunei. It also has offices in Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai.

The EVYD Difference

Our proprietary data intelligence platform converts raw, unstructured, and varied healthcare and population data from medical institutions and healthcare systems into actionable insights. 

A key example of this was our development of a data-driven epidemic response platform for the Brunei government at the onset of COVID-19. Our work for them has since expanded from COVID-19 related solutions to include public health surveillance, digital health services and population health solutions, as well as the establishment of a big data and research platform.    

Our proven solutions benefit health authorities, policymakers, regulators, researchers, hospital administrators and patients. 


Data Security & Protection – Our Utmost Priority

We strictly comply with applicable laws, regulations and industry standards for data arrangements, privacy and security in our operations.

Our comprehensive and rigorous data privacy and security programmes ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of the data we use. These programmes and processes are continually improved upon, with user privacy at the center.

We believe that collaborating with the right partners is key to driving impactful and sustainable change in healthcare.

We are seeking like-minded industry partners and researchers to create innovative solutions that can achieve more optimum, patient-centric outcomes at scale. Get in touch with us to see how we can help bring your vision to fruition.   

Transforming healthcare needs the right people and expertise

We are a diverse team that values everyone’s unique contribution, both big and small, to drive our mission forward. If you are passionate about transforming healthcare using data intelligence, and have what it takes to join us, we want to hear from you.