Health Management

Driving better health outcomes

We equip healthcare authorities and healthcare providers with actionable insights to enable the coordination and management of personalized healthcare.

Our solutions empower individuals to take responsibility of their health by giving them the right tools and information.


  • Population risk stratification to achieve targeted interventions for different patient sub-groups.
  • Early detection of individuals at risk of chronic and critical diseases.
  • Effective care coordination through secure health information sharing.
  • Ecosystem empowerment to create richer personalized health services for the public.


  • Personal health record and personalized health content to promote health awareness.
  • Personal health concierge to ensure adherence to health plans.
  • Digital health tools to access enable services such as online appointment booking and consultations.


  • Risk-based health score evaluated across the five dimensions of biographical information, lifestyle, exercise, mental health and medical history.
  • Peer ranking and gamified tasks to encourage active participation in activites to improve score.

Our Solutions